I had to transition from being a business owner to being a consultant when joining Talent. Talent were patient with me, and I’ve come a long way. Talent now has a strong presence in the region and I’m looking forward to seeing more big things come out of NZ.

Georgia, Senior Recruitment Consultant // Wellington

At Talent you are given the opportunity to explore and try new things. There’s a big focus on striving for better – everyone goes the extra mile and doesn’t just settle for “good enough.” It’s motivating to be in such a driven environment.

Cameron, Social Media Executive // Wellington

When I first joined Talent I had little experience. Since then I have built a strong team. Being a young woman in leadership has been and continues to be an amazing experience and something I had never considered before joining Talent. I really feel valued working at Talent, and the amount of thought and energy that goes into our professional development, engagement and recognition is incredible.

Tash, Candidate Manager Team Lead // Auckland

I have been given amazing support transitioning to a consultant role. At Talent, no matter what section of the business you work in, everyone is always happy to help out, offer advice or just have a chat. We are a very social bunch and I love being able to work somewhere that I am so proud of.

Rosie, Senior Candidate Manager // Sydney

Talent is so much more than meets the eye. It is truly inspiring to be part of an organisation that has dedicated itself to solving real issues like youth unemployment through our foundation, Talent RISE. The people I work with are also fantastic and unconditionally supportive.

Thomas, Senior Consultant // Sydney

I absolutely love my job helping young people into employment who need guidance and support. Talent differentiates itself by having a foundation that gives back to community and I’m so proud to be working here.

Amy, Talent RISE Manager // Sydney

Talent has taught me new ways to keep inspired and motivated to achieve more than I ever thought I could.

Steve, Senior Consultant // Wellington

Joining Talent was a careful consideration. It was crucial to me that my employer treated me like a grown up while allowing me to still grow and learn. I am very much an individual who thrives in an environment where I am trusted and valued by those around me, and at Talent, I'm thriving more than ever.

Rachel, Senior Account Manager // Bristol

I love the fact that you won't get micro-managed at Talent but you'll be given the opportunity to forge a really rewarding career - all you need to do is be prepared to put the work in.

David, Head of practice // London