Why Talent?

Redefining Recruitment


// Contingent Recruitment

Our contingent recruitment service is guaranteed to find highly skilled and experienced professionals to suit your unique hiring requirements.

Our investment of over £2,000,000 per annum in job board advertising ensures that we have the ability to feature your job on any major job board(s) in any city or country in the world.

Our award-winning coverage across online professional networks ensures that in addition to active job seekers, all relevant passive talent will have exposure to your opportunity.

Our contingent recruitment service prides itself on being able to deliver great talent at speed, with the minimum amount of admin for our clients and with a completely transparent pricing model.

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// Retained Recruitment

Power-up on our Contingent Recruitment service with a Retained Recruitment solution which includes a dedicated Account Manager and recruitment team, data-driven talent mapping and enhanced Employer Branding solutions. Our Retained Recruitment service includes:


Our market mapping reports pull live skills and employment data from a variety of sources to help you plan your recruitment strategy and ensure that you have accurate insights into key areas such as salary, target areas, candidate profiles, required skill sets, appropriate benefits etc


Take the hard work out of the recruitment life cycle by allowing Talent to manage the sourcing, shortlisting, interview, offer management and post-placement care. By ensuring that we fully understand the requirements of the role, motivations for hire and company culture, we can ensure that your time is not wasted and reserved exclusively for progressing through each stage of the process.


A key benefit of a Talent retained project is that it allows us to deliver at a fixed cost with no hidden charges, even if the hire negotiates a higher salary than expected – with fixed pricing you are guaranteed to deliver on budget. The details of the fee can be found in the Finances section of this document.


Our in-house Employer Branding team is on hand to assist with messaging and strategy to ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward. They can also advise and administer programmatic advertising campaigns, powering your recruitment via the latest online advertising tools.

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Talent Engage

Talent Engage is an industry first online careers portal purpose built to support IT contractors globally. Engage portal provides a wealth of benefits for contractors and employers alike. As an employer you’ll be able to access availability data, process contractor management and easily review and process timesheets and expenses at the touch of a button,

You can find out more about Engage here.

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