Keep calm and carry on contracting

The clock is ticking for private-sector companies to get their processes in order for the impending IR35 reforms.

My best piece of advice with less than two months to go? Don’t panic!

I can hear you now… “That’s easy for you to say.”

But the fact of the matter is, IR35 reforms will affect recruitment agencies like Talent as well, and contractors of course. The best thing we can do is join forces and navigate the reforms together.

Yes, the few months following April 6th will be a bit bumpy. Yes, the reforms will shake up both the contractor and permanent markets. And yes, adapting to the changes will demand extra resources and time (and time is money in business). But give it three or so months and we’ll all be firmly in the swing of things.


History will repeat itself

Why am I so confident things will settle down so quickly? Because the public sector went through this exact change a few years ago – and emerged from it unscathed.

The very fact this happened in the public sector so recently means that we’re in a better position to draw on that experience and consult on the implications of IR35 for private-sector companies. We’re more informed and prepared this time around. 


Talent has your back

We want all of our clients and contractors to know that Talent is here to support them every step of the way.

Our consultative approach means that we offer tailored guidance and solutions to every client and contractor we work with. For clients, we can work through HMRC’s CEST tool with them so that they understand all the factors involved in making correct assessments. But more than that, we can offer an internal ‘Health Check’ audit of their workforce, and can even advise on creating contracts that sit outside of the legislation.

We embed ourselves in the organisations we partner with and we know their market, services and unique needs. This puts us in a perfect position to consult on IR35 and help them to make the right decisions when it comes to assessments.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure clients make the right decision. We know that many organisations have opted for a ‘blanket inside’ approach due to risk and/or time, even though many of their contracts will sit outside the legislation. We want to provide as much support and advice as possible so that they feel equipped to assess cases individually, with confidence. Especially as blanket decisions could push top talent into looking for contracts elsewhere.

Similarly, we support our contractors in any way we can, starting with talking them through the tools and necessary processes. We’ve also partnered with Qdos to offer a determination assurance tool to contractors and clients, ensuring the right decision has been made once a worker begins a project.

This level of support is all part of our credo to break from the pack and be seen as a respected, trusted leader in our field. We want our clients and contractors to lean on us and turn to us for however much guidance they need to feel confident come April 6th and beyond.

I promise, in no more than six months’ time the dust will have long settled and it’ll be ‘business as usual’ for private-sector companies and contractors. But for now, if you need support in any way, shape or form, we’re here. Get in touch!