Take a big breath and be different

The recruitment sector has faced significant change and challenges over the past eighteen months, with political uncertainty leaving us to wonder how the UK can move forward in a competitive global market.

Indeed, many companies in our ecosystem are wrestling to gain ground, often considering what their opposition are doing rather than focusing on themselves. I believe all great companies have an identity, a purpose, and a clear vision for their future; this vision does not consider its competition – rather, it defines its meaning by acting out its beliefs.


Market shapers

When organisations talk about being “different”, the term is often overused. They’re really only following other companies in their sector, competing for ground and share, and while the competition eats itself, the true players, pioneers and market shapers build new ways of working. They create innovative services and products, and they view their offering with no boundaries; they tell their stories, create real human connections with their customers and embody this belief throughout their staff.

This is what I believe Talent does. I am hugely excited and honoured to take on the role of Chief Executive Officer, working to service my sector and support my staff to become great advocates of pioneering in a world overrun with mediocrity.


Because of the 4am

It’s a huge challenge, and one that will take notice of the late Kobe Bryant’s 4am speech at the ESPYs awards. It will take work, and it will take all of Talent working together to achieve. My vision is for all our consultants to be adequately trained in their markets as technical experts, with verified training recognised by technology partners – and as Talent continues to grow around the world, the technology we use will play an enormous part in providing the right tools for our staff.

Simon Sinek asks all businesses to think about the “why”. This is incredibly important for me, and I want to light the fires of inspiration in our staff and ask them why we challenge ourselves – and why we believe in recruitment. For me, it all comes down to human potential. If our main goal is to supply professionals that transform businesses and change lives, then the results should follow. 



To achieve this, we have to think differently and work to discover hidden talent in the youth of today, particularly the young people who may be overlooked by more traditional companies or who may have significant barriers to employment. For me, our foundation Talent RISE will also be a major factor in setting a new course for progress.

To summarise my hopes for this new CEO position, I’ll simply say that I wish to be brave. To break from the pack, to lead the way, and to always have an unwavering commitment to quality and service. Because Talent is like no other in this market.