Important message regarding COVID-19 for Talent contractors

At Talent and Hunter Charles we are continuing to monitor developments related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. To ensure the wellbeing of those within the Talent community, please take note of the following information. 


Your worksite 

As a contractor, it is essential that you follow the policies your current workplace has implemented in relation to this issue. If you are unclear on what your workplace’s current requirements are, please ensure you follow up with your supervisor in the first instance and reach out to your Talent Account Manager if you are still unsure.    


Working from home

We recognise that different businesses have different arrangements in place regarding working from home, from business as usual through to mandatory office shutdowns. 

Please observe all communication from your workplace in regards to this matter. As per our Working from Home policy, there must be agreement amongst all involved parties regarding the relevant terms and conditions before a work from home arrangement begins. Please review our Working from Home policy.

Please confirm with your current workplace whether you will be required to work from home and ensure any timesheets submitted during this time can be approved by your supervisor. Talent can only pay you for time stated in timesheets as approved by our client. If your role cannot operationally be performed from home, you will not be paid for this time unless otherwise agreed with our client. We appreciate that this may be a stressful time and are committed to working with you to find the very best possible solution. 

One of our partners, LifeStreet, has provided the following advice for anyone who is experiencing anxiety during this time:

// Keep perspective – be informed about the risks, take recommended precautions and keep life moving with a range of activities to keep perspective.

// Don’t ignore anxiety – It is normal to feel some concern. If you are preoccupied with, or distressed by, the situation, talk to someone who regarding your concerns and get in touch with your Talent / Hunter Charles Account Manager if you need to we are here to help!

// Don’t inflate the risks – it’s easy for the risks to become inflated with so much information around us. Be informed from reliable sources like the World Health Organisation, the British Government, or the government website of the country you operate in, so you can get a sense of the risk factors that are relevant to you.

// Stay connected – talking to family, friends and colleagues.

// Self-management - looking after yourself makes you more robust against anxiety.

// Wellbeing basics- a good night’s sleep, eat well, exercise, take some ‘down time’ and stay connected.

// Use coping skills that have worked for you before – breathing techniques and mindfulness practice can help reduce anxiety.

// Seek extra help if you find yourself preoccupied or distressed.

// Remember best prevention is to ensure you wash your hands regularly and pay attention to your working environment to ensure it’s clean.


Here to help

If you have any questions or concerns or if you are not receiving updates from your workplace, please get in contact with your Talent Account Manager or email -

We will reply as soon as we can with your concern or question.