Our COVID-19 response

At Talent, we are continuing to monitor developments related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of those within the Talent and Hunter Charles community, we are implementing precautionary measures in line with evolving local and international guidance.


What we are doing:

// We have established a taskforce to monitor and make decisions regarding the broader implications of COVID-19 for all our stakeholders both internally and externally. 

// Our taskforce has reviewed our Business Continuity Plan to ensure that operations run continuously, in the event our internal employees are unable to come into the office. Our entire business has the capability to work remotely, and we want to assure you that Payroll, Client Support and Account Management will run as per usual.

// We will align ourselves with our clients’ policies and procedures in dealing with any such suspected cases of COVID-19 amongst our contractors. We will assess each situation on a case by case basis and, after consultation with you, develop a plan going forward to minimise any impact to your business. Any action plans will be then communicated to the relevant contractor(s) by Talent.  

// We have contacted every Talent and Hunter Charles contractor across UK and EU, advising them to follow the instructions provided by your organisation and offering them our support. All contractors have access to our confidential EAP service if they feel overwhelmed by the current state of affairs.

// We have requested that contractors immediately inform us of any changes to their work patterns due to the virus. We will be in frequent communication with any contractors who are sick or self-isolated to ensure their well-being. Where possible we will try to assist contractors in making alternate arrangements, such as working from home.

// Our position on working from home is that we agree to allow our contractors to work from home or any client approved alternative work locations as and when required, only if you permit and approve this. If you do not permit or approve any or all of our contractors working from home please let us know. 

// When it comes to working from home, we request, for Work, Health and Safety reasons, that the contractor and client keep us updated as to when and where they work from an alternate location and the expected duration of the alternative arrangement.  

// We are regularly communicating with our Talent employees and are advising them to follow the Government’s instructions with regards to travel, hygiene and self-quarantine as required.


What we ask of you:

// Advise your Talent / Hunter Charles contractors and your Account Manager of the policies that you currently have in place in regards to this issue. It is essential that we, maintain contact with you to ensure that everyone remains safe and are aligned to policies within your organisation and government guidelines. We can assist in facilitating the communications if required.

// Notify us of any updates that will impact workers due to this issue, e.g. quarantine restrictions, allowing remote work, projects paused or delays on timesheet approval.

// If a Talent or Hunter Charles contractor becomes unwell, please ensure that they follow your internal processes and reach out if you need assistance. We would request that any suspected cases along with any plans of action be communicated to Talent as soon as possible.  

// If contractors have any questions regarding this situation, please contact your Account Manager or email:

Thank you for your cooperation and support during this time. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Talent and Hunter Charles Account Manager if you have any questions.