Realigning your Employer Branding for the future of work

In high-competition industries such as technology and digital, candidates are kings. When we emerge from this period of lockdown, we’ll see an immediate impact on what candidates are looking for in their next role. Job security will rocket-up the priority ladder and the option to work remotely will start to become an expectation rather than a benefit  – so, even if hiring is on hold for now, you should be ensuring that you use this time wisely to realign you employer branding ready to embrace the future of work post Covid-19.

A strong employer brand is essential to attract, engage, and retain the best people into your business through demonstrating your company’s values, purpose, and culture. Aspects that are of upmost importance in times such as these and are explored in more detail in our latest guide, 'Employer Branding, Done Right'.

What is your employer brand?

There’s no one-size-fits-all. Your employer brand is as personal as your company’s brand (and they should share similarities; they’re not two completely separate entities), and it’s what should set you apart from other employers. While it’s important to ensure you offer what candidates want (good salaries, career development, and a friendly company culture, for example), you also need to focus on what makes your company unique.

Uniqueness and authenticity aren’t just buzzwords – people want to know who you are. Whether in your job ads, on social media, or on your website, you need to communicate why your business makes a difference for your employees, and why it’s different to others in your industry.

Why should people work for your company instead of your competitors? What can you offer them that other companies can’t? How will the economic downturn and the realities of Covid-19 impact their decision making – These are all helpful questions to ask yourself to redefine your EVP and work on your employer brand.

Employer branding and the future of work

What does the future of work look like for your company? For many organisations, it’s a switch to more remote and flexible working – and the current situation is bringing those changes about fast.

Whether permanent or contractors, employees are expecting more from companies. This means that now is an opportunity to develop your employer brand to fit into your vision for the future, and the expectations future employees will have. (So if you want to continue attracting skilled tech professionals once the crisis ends, you may need to make remote and/or flexible working a part of your normal offering.) It’s also an opportunity to think outside the box and develop new perks, rewards and benefits that will measure up to an ever more online workforce.

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At Talent and Hunter Charles, we're working hard to understand some of the major challenges and anxieties of Hiring Managers across the UK & Europe, and how decision-makers in the tech community are adapting to new ways of working. Our latest survey has over 300 responses and we’ve just published the results.

I’d also be keen to hear your views on how Covid-19 might alter how candidates view their next career move – could we see Job Security jump above flexible working or renumeration? Share your thoughts on social media, and stay safe everyone!