Talent Engage celebrates 10,000 members as global surge in contingent workforce continues

Global technology recruitment leader Talent has announced that its community life hub platform for tech contractors, Talent Engage, has reached 10,000 members across Australia and New Zealand. 

Launched in 2016, Talent Engage was created to provide tech and digital contractors with many of the benefits, support and services not traditionally afforded to contingent workers. The platform now hosts 10,000 active members, which represents about 20% of the total tech contractor workforce in the region. 

The milestone coincides with a significant shift towards contingent and remote work in most industries, compounded by Covid-19. According to SAP / Oxford Economics' Workforce 2020 insights, over 80 percent of executives across 27 countries are increasing their use of contingent workers, while Gartner research found that 32% of organisations are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers as a cost-saving measure.

Talent has recognised a gap in the contractor care market and created the Engage platform to support contractors in ways that employers cannot. With version one well embraced Talent are developing the next version of Engage with the assistance of some high profile Consulting companies. The new version will include features to support tech contractors and their financial, physical, mental, intellectual, social and professional wellbeing.

Talent founder Richard Earl explained that the nature of work forces has been changing for some time yet employers have been slow to adapt to this new makeup of their workplaces.
“Whilst a contingent workforce offers convenience and flexibility, employers have given little thought to the engagement and general wellbeing of these employees. This has led to challenges around loneliness and isolation which have been especially acute during the Covid-19 pandemic according to feedback from our members.

“We view Engage as Australia and New Zealand’s greatest array of tech and digital professionals. Typically, organisations like IBM and Accenture have around 4,000 - 5,000 permanent and contractor workers, so we are very proud to have recently reached 10,000 Engage contractors and we expect to see this number grow at a rapid rate. Our goal is to get to know each individual at a personal level and provide such an amazing experience that we become their partner for life. Our most recent survey amongst members rated the experience 8.9/10, so we feel confident we’re on the right track.”

Talent Engage is almost ready to be launched in the considerably larger markets of the UK and the US. An expert team is developing the next iteration of the product with additional features to support tech contractors and their financial, physical, mental, intellectual, social and professional wellbeing.

“We feel that this is a product for the times and we are incredibly excited by how this can develop. With such massive markets in Europe and North America and a global surge in organisations expanding their use of contingent workers to maintain more flexibility in workforce management post-Covid-19, the opportunity is enormous so we will be intensifying our focus and investment in this product. Many HRTech ideas are very centered on the concept of ‘marketplace’ products that include AI matching clients and candidates with little or no human interaction. Talent Engage is quite different and in fact, is very focused on the humanistic element of workforces whilst still applying great technology where appropriate. It is through this approach that we expect to generate a significant following with both candidates and clients.” Earl said.