Authentic leadership in focus

Today we launched the second edition of Talent’s global publication series, Human.

In our first edition, we featured the perspectives of people who have made great strides for diversity in tech around the world. This year, we are focusing on bold leadership through times of crisis and change.

There are many factors associated with highly successful leaders. These include unwavering passion and belief in a cause, incredible hard work, bold decision making, and sheer persistence against the odds. However, the best leaders are the ones with compassion and care for their people and the natural ability to draw on the best aspects of the human spirit. I was fortunate to personally benefit from such leaders in the early part of my life at a time when self-doubt might have prevailed, and it has certainly encouraged me to practice the same habits within my own leadership journey.

In this book, you’ll read deeply personal accounts from 20 successful leaders, who have all navigated through difficult times. From surviving extraordinarily challenging childhoods, to making it through economic crises, adapting businesses to volatile market conditions, managing imposter syndrome and overcoming personal illnesses. No one journey is the same, and every single leader has had their own unique obstacles in the pathway to where they are now.

Their stories are refreshingly raw and vulnerable. Leaving behind the standard corporate jargon, these leaders collectively paint a picture of authentic leadership in our new world. What comes through most loudly is the word “empathy” - something that has always been an essential component of leadership, now more important than ever.

Great leadership often emerges during times of crisis and rarely has that been more required than now as we face monumental economic, social and healthcare related challenges. As leaders and as people we will be measured by how we handled ourselves during this period. Let’s make sure human kindness and dignity triumphs!

I want to thank the inspiring individuals who have shared their invaluable insights and deeply personal experiences for this book. They are truly transforming and reshaping the world in which we work.

Read Human 2: Bold leadership through crisis and change here.