Global Digital & Technology Hiring Market Snapshot 2021

The hiring market is heating up. Are you out in the cold?

We haven’t seen a global market this hot since Y2K. With opportunities abundant for candidates, it’s time to up your game if you want to secure the best of the best. With companies fighting to get ahead in the race to lock in top talent, only the most agile and forward-thinking are winning out. 

If you want to come out on top, you need to be in the heat of things. Check out our Global Digital & Technology Hiring Market Snapshot to uncover first-hand insights from our recruitment specialists on the frontline.


Here’s what to expect:

  • FOMO (Fear of Multiple Offers) is real. The best candidates are receiving multiple job offers. What makes your company their first choice?
  • It’s time to offer more. Salaries and contract rates are increasing exponentially. Make sure your pay structures are as fluid as they can be.
  • Let’s pick up the pace. A slow recruitment process means missing out on top talent. How can you move faster?
  • Flexibility is a non-negotiable. Fail to offer the opportunity for remote work and many won’t even bother with an interview.
  • Top notch interview processes are prevailing. A premium process is a sure-fire way to get the best in tech into your company.
  • Reach out for help. There’s an internal recruiter shortage in the market. You’ll want to find a great recruiter who can help you navigate this new landscape.