Tech hiring solutions to support a major transformation programme

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    Manchester Met Uni
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    United Kingdom
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Hiring tech experts for complex HE projects

Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the most extensive higher education centres in Europe with 38,000 students and more than 1,000 undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses. The uni educates and trains large numbers of legal and business professionals, scientists, engineers, teachers, health workers and creative professionals.

Innovation is key over at ManMet and they have ambitious plans for future digitalisation. One of their key tech projects is the Student Journey Transformation Programme (SJTP). To keep them at the forefront of emerging technologies and forge ahead in a competitive HE landscape, we’ve been helping the uni attract top tech talent with backgrounds in complex, highly governed environments.

  • Key roles
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Change Consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • Data Specialists
  • Software Engineers
  • Dynamics365 Developers

Resource augmentation and payroll solutions to support the initiation and delivery of the SJTP programme.

SJTP is a large-scale initiative, which impacts many parts of the university in different ways. The original estate and journey was complex and disparate, with over 87 systems and countless admin processes. They needed to be brought together into a more consolidated, integrated and responsive system. An initiative of such scale demanded a team of approximately 160 people, a large proportion of whom were contractors. The majority of these contractors were provided and managed by Talent.

The account is led by one of our directors to ensure the highest level quality of service. They lead a delivery squad filled with vertical specialists who have relentlessly sourced and onboarded contract and permanent hires for programme. The market for tech talent is always a competitive one, and ManMet need the best, so we take extra care when it comes to the candidate journey, creating a swift and simple hiring experience that ensures top talent is sourced, assessed and retained through the recruitment process and beyond.

  • Targeted campaign

    We created targeted campaigns that reached active and passive candidates from backgrounds in complex, highly governed environments, focusing on HE, tech consultancies supplying into education and government, and companies that are highly governed and/or have complex transformation programmes with multi layers of procedures to navigate.

  • Enhanced screening

    Candidates were pre-screened and interviewed by us to ensure they not only met the skill requirements criteria, but would also have the right attitude to the complex and often ambiguous environment they would be joining.

  • Payroll solutions

    We set up a payroll solution for PSC contractual engagements in partnership with the university's legal team.

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