Data Engineer

  • United Kingdom
  • South East
  • Contract
  • £650 - £700 per day

SC Cleared Data Engineer – Contract Position

Andover 1 day per week

Inside IR35

Are you a skilled Data Engineer with expertise in IT systems, complex data analysis, and manipulation? We have an exceptional opportunity for a talented individual to join our team as a Data Engineer on a contract basis. If you have a strong background in handling IT systems, specifically CHURCHILL, TAFMIS, and OPUS, coupled with a knack for data analysis and manipulation, we want to hear from you.

Key Skills and Responsibilities:

As a Data Engineer, you will be responsible for:

* Expertise in IT Systems: Proficiency in working with CHURCHILL, TAFMIS, and OPUS systems is essential. Your in-depth understanding of these platforms will be crucial in ensuring seamless data integration and analysis.
* Data Analysis and Manipulation: Demonstrated experience in data analysis and manipulation, showcasing your ability to work with complex datasets. Your skills will be instrumental in extracting meaningful insights and driving data-driven decision-making processes.
* Data Integration: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate data from various sources, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and consistency. Your expertise will contribute to building robust and reliable data pipelines.
* Problem Solving: Applying analytical and problem-solving skills to identify data-related issues, troubleshoot errors, and optimize data processing workflows. Your proactive approach will help maintain data quality and integrity.
* Collaborative Teamwork: Working closely with other data professionals, engineers, and stakeholders to understand data requirements, design effective solutions, and deliver high-quality outcomes. Your collaborative mindset will foster a positive team environment.


* Proven experience working with CHURCHILL, TAFMIS, and OPUS systems in a professional setting.
* Strong programming skills in languages such as Python, SQL, or Java.
* Familiarity with data warehousing concepts and tools.
* Excellent communication skills and the ability to translate complex technical concepts into understandable insights for non-technical stakeholders.

How to Apply:

If you are a proactive and skilled Data Engineer with expertise in IT systems, data analysis, and manipulation, we invite you to apply for this contract position.

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