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ServiceNow - End User Services Architect - Remote - Outside

Manchester, Greater Manchester
£450 - £550 per day
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Luke Achilles

ServiceNow - End User Services Architect

Remote - UK

£450-£550 (outside of IR35)

6 month contract



Leverage existing technical architectures and diagrams to create a single "big picture" view of End User Services tech stack and connections. Document intra-service / intra-tech connections and call out reliance on other services such as Identity, Networks, Security.

  • Evaluate technical directions (what tech "things" are we looking to implement?)
  • Gather information from EUS SMEs on specific technical implementations underway *now* and determine direction of play for each technical area
    • Does it fit with separation & possibly longer term CH horizon? If not, why not?
  • Validate intra-EUS dependencies.
    • Understand and validate how the technical decisions and strategies from each team are linked to, or dependent on, technical decisions and strategies from other EUS teams?
  • Validate and determine extra-EUS dependencies and align with EUS plans.
    • Validate extra-EUS dependencies and what EUS need from other areas of former Core Tech or other teams such as TSR?
    • Understand What are they doing that might impact our strategies?
      • Network strategy, identity strategy, hosting strategy…
    • Form an EUS technical strategy group for the SME's.
    • Determine and drive technical decisions required for separation.

It is absolutely critical that strategies are developed and technical solutions designed and implemented in a coordinated manner, in support of each other, and producing an coherent gestalt of technology and solutions, if you can forgive the fancy language. Everything we do is connected in some manner, and it's important that we can all see that we are making good decisions for our specific areas *and* helping to deliver the over-arching technical strategies with our EUS partners and others.