The DEI Roundtable event series brings people and organisations together to talk about what DEI means for them and the steps that they are taking to tackle barriers to fair opportunities.

The events aim to equip attendees with knowledge, partnerships and resources to help drive diversity and inclusion efforts at both an individual and corporate level.

Our Purpose

The event series was created by Talent to address the lack of representation within Europe’s technology ecosystem through collective action. Our goal is for the ecosystem to be a diverse and inclusive community where people from all backgrounds are welcomed and valued for their contributions.

How we do it

We provide data and diversity insights and actionable ways forward by gathering, curating, and distributing innovative practices, techniques, and ideas through regular community events.

The Roundtable events are designed specifically for knowledge sharing where participants play an active role in sharing experiences and perspectives. This information is then captured and shared back with the community.

Our 2024 event schedule

This year’s events have been designed to help organisations plan, design, execute and measure an effective and impactful DEI strategy. Regardless of where you are on your DEI journey or what type of organisation you represent, the discussions and learnings are designed to help everyone increase their understanding and gather the tools to make a meaningful impact.

Beyond Tokenism - Gaining Stakeholder Support

12th September 2024 l Berlin

Despite best intentions, far too many DEI strategies fail to make the intended impact because of a lack of buy-in from senior leadership and/or accountability for driving the strategy, so how can you break this cycle? What investment do you need? Who should be accountable? How are people held to account? And how do you go about asking for the right level of investment and commitment from your stakeholders?


Measuring DEI Success

5th December 2024 l Berlin

Collecting data is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to supporting a DEI strategy. The legal case for collecting, storing and using sensitive data often deters organisations from even trying but how can you measure your impact without data?

This events aims to give attendees the confidence to start working with DEI data and also looks at what is working well amongst the community and how data is leveraged to make meaningful changes.


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Membership and attendance is free due to the generosity of our principal sponsor Talent and our event partners which have recently included Forto, Zalando and Digital Diversity Discussions.

Roundtable VII:

June 2023

Building a sustainable strategy:


English Report

Roundtable VI:

October 2023

The Power of Neurodiversity at Work Pt.2:

Self-advocating strategies & neurodiversity policies

English Report
German Report

Roundtable V:

July 2023

The Power of Neurodiversity at Work Pt.1:

Exploration, attraction & support for neurodivergent talent

English Report
German Report

Roundtable III:

March 2023

Gender Hiring Hack:

Providing inspiration, opportunities & support for gender minorities

English Report
German Report

Roundtable II:

November 2022

How to embed DEI within your organisation

English Report
German Report

Roundtable I:

April 2021

DEI, Tokenism, and intersectionality.

English Report
German Report

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