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Digital Health

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The field of healthcare is witnessing remarkable advancements driven by technology. The demand for skilled contract and permanent professionals with a track record of success is at an all-time high. At Talent, we possess extensive networks of both clients and candidates, allowing us to expedite your hiring process while enhancing the quality of candidate profiles across a spectrum of specialized technical skill sets in the digital health sector.

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Why Talent?


A database of over 50k candidates who have relevant sector expertise.


Multilingual consultants who can support global hiring projects.


Group locations around the world enables us to support you locally across multiple locations.


In house employer brand, DEI, compliance and data teams ensure that we supply much more than traditional recruitment agencies.


Contract and Permanent candidate profiles supplied within 48-72 hours.


High value, transparent and flexible recruitment solutions makes it easy for you to engage with us in a way that works for you and achieves your unique objectives.

  • 50k Digital Health talent pool We have access to over 50k qualified technology professionals working in the sector.
  • 24 hrs Rapid delivery Get qualified contractors suitable for any position within 24 hrs
  • 24/7 Around the clock resourcing Our swipejobs talent engine ensures that roles are actively sourced 24 hrs a day.
  • 5 years + Clients that become partners The average tenure of a Talent client exceeds 5 years

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