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Payroll Solutions

Everything you need to keep your contractors happy

Talent Payroll takes care of the administrative burden of hiring contract and interim staff while offering a full onboarding service that keeps your new hires compliant, happy and prepared to hit the ground running.

Our service will be tailored to align with your processes and integrated with your tech to provide a robust, scalable solution for contractor payroll and management.

End-to-end contractor management

From screening and assessing new hires through to offboarding, we’ll ensure the contractor journey is simple for all involved.

  • Often, our clients ask you to advise on the best approach to contractor engagement. We'll spend time with your stakeholders and help you design, implement and manage the right approach to contractor hiring, support you with legislative requirements (like IR35) and help you create the perfect experience for interim workers.

  • We’ll manage the onboarding process including contractor vetting/screening, IR35 determinations, compliance, contract signature capture, document management and timesheet portal set up. During this phase we’ll also provide the contractor with a welcome pack that can be tailored to your brand and process.

  • Your processes will be blended with our tech to make timesheet sign-off and approvals as quick and easy as possible. This will feed into our payroll process to ensure contractor pay is accurate and on time, with clear payslips and a payroll team on hand to respond to any queries.

  • Talent has developed a suite of tech enabled tools to support contractor care, designed to streamline processes while offering contractors a variety of services such as wellbeing benefits and skills development.  These tools will complement a human approach, with our team always checking in and keeping up to date with contractors to ensure they are happy and have everything they need to thrive in their role.

  • We’ll handle any communications regarding the contractors engagement, whether that be sharing company updates, supporting one-to-one reviews, communicating legislative updates, general advice and guidance, or managing issues.

  • Offboarding will be handled by our team who can perform exit interviews, handle kit returns, manage any handovers and intellectual property transitions and ensure all final approvals are completed before final payment.

Tech enabled for easy management

We use Evertime pay and bill software as our electronic time capture and billing management system. The tool is intuitive, secure and easy to integrate.

  • Online pay and bill system
  • Enables hiring managers to approve either via the portal or in one-click via email
  • Easy to export MI reporting
  • Integrated via API to our CRM
  • Onboarding portal designed to improve the contractor journey
  • Access to professional learning platform with Percipio (Skillsoft)

How we helped software company Sage implement & scale a new payroll solution

Sage wanted a partner who could manage the end-to-end process from initial sourcing and attracting candidates, through to onboarding and payroll. They needed a payroll solution that would save a large degree of administrative time for their busy team and reduce compliance risk.

Talent designed an onboarding solution that would provide a seamless experience for Sage, candidates and our team throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Sage have been so happy with the service that we’ve provided for their UK contractor payroll that they have asked us to scale it globally. We’re always up for a new challenge so we have kicked off a project to trial this global service with Sage, with a view to rolling-out the new service for other clients in the near future.

  • Discovery & design

    We started by doing some discovery work to understand Sage’s processes, systems and challenges. Our compliance experts then partnered with their procurement team to develop a robust and compliant onboarding and payroll service.

  • Tech

    An analysis of the best interface for payroll was undertaken. We settled on Evertime which perfectly blends the human element with time saving automation.

  • Management

    The service was implemented and we handled communications to ensure a smooth transition for contractors during the change.

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