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Contract Recruitment

Contract? It’s what we do best

In a world where remote working, unstable market conditions and hyper-flexibility have become the norm, harnessing the power of contract workers can be a game-changer for any organisation.

At Talent, contract recruitment is the bedrock of our organisation. We’ve amassed decades of experience and, along with it, a database of over 100,000 tech and digital contractors. We can connect you with experienced, trusted talent within a matter of hours and help you onboard them, manage them, pay them and keep them on track.

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Helping you find, attract and manage contract talent

Contractors bring a wealth of SME knowledge, skills and expertise to a business. In a fast-paced, constantly evolving tech and digital world, they’re the perfect people to help you complete projects, innovate, scale and can even plug BAU resource gaps.

We’ll help you find the right ones, ensure the hiring process is simple for your stakeholders and even help you manage them if needed.

We can help you with:

Contingent recruitment

When you just need one or two talented people fast, on budget, with no fuss.

Project teams

Got a project to deliver? Need to plug a resource gap? Scaling fast? We can help you assemble a custom teams with any combination of tech skills, and even have ready-made, flexible teams that can be plugged into your project.

Executive search

Looking for interim c-suite or project leaders quickly? Our consultants have a global network of contract leadership talent with tech and digital SME experience across all sectors. This means you’ll have somebody with the right level of experience who can join quickly, hit the ground running and start adding value from the outset.

  • Onboarding

    We’ll manage the onboarding process including contractor vetting/screening, compliance, document management and timesheet portal set up.

  • More contractors means more payroll admin - we can take that off your hands. Check out our Payroll Solutions for more information.

  • Contractor care

    Our contractor care programme is designed to streamline processes while offering interim workers a variety of services such as wellbeing benefits and skills development tools.

  • Contractor communications

    We can handle any communications regarding the contractors engagement, whether that be sharing company updates, supporting one-to-one reviews, communicating legislative updates, general advice and guidance, or managing issues.

  • Offboarding

    Offboarding will be handled by our team who can perform exit interviews, handle kit returns, manage any handovers and intellectual property transitions and ensure all final approvals are completed before final payment.

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