Unlock potential by fusing human experience with cutting-edge technology.

Have fun and do great work.

Our ability to embrace the latest technology and harness the power of our bespoke platform is what truly sets us apart from any other recruitment agency in the world. With Talent you receive hi-tech, reliable, innovative and data driven recruitment which guarantees results and a level service that is unattainable anywhere else in the market.

Talent is part of the swipejobs global group. swipejobs consists of a global network of innovative and digitally led staffing agencies powered by the largest W2 digital staffing platform in the world. The platform currently supports over 1.3 million candidates and more than 180k clients.

More than words on a poster our values define who we are.

  • Take a stand

    We stand against social injustice, take action to promote equality and invest in neutralizing our environmental impact.

  • Embrace the challenge

    We seek out the opportunity within every challenge - we challenge ourselves, our industry and the general status-quo to drive positive change.

  • Break from the pack

    We are fearless innovators, determined to break from the pack, draw outside the lines and in doing so stand alone in leading change in the industry.

our leadership

Our Leadership

Darren Wells (he/him)

Katrina Leslie (she/her)

Jane Hussey (she/her)


Lisa Bartlett (she/her)

Rachel Iles (she/her)

James Davies (he/him)

Matthew Harland (he/him)

Tina Vanes (she/her)

Marc Parker-Hughes (he/him)

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