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Embedded Recruitment

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Our Embedded solution usually sees 1-3 members of our team become part of your talent acquisition function exclusively, either on-site, remotely or blended. The idea is that they become a part of your world, interacting with your stakeholders, processes, hiring strategies and all things talent while actively sourcing for live roles.

They act as your portal to all we have to offer so that you can get what you want, when you need it. From marketing and brand, through to process design, tech implementation and talent strategy, we’ll give you all the capability you need to hire effectively and retain talent without having to commit to hiring and managing your own talent acquisition and employer brand resources.

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Recruitment spikes

An internal TA function will only ever have the capacity and experience to do so much. With our Embedded solution you can dial the resourcing capability up and down as you need to, without having to commit to hiring permanent TA specialists.

Cost saving

Our Embedded solution provides you with a fixed cost monthly hiring fee which is calculated based on a predicted number of hires across a fixed period and any additional features you choose. Hiring this way can trim your recruitment costs by 20-30% vs ad hoc contingent hiring with agencies and outsourcing your employer brand development.


Perhaps you’re the next unicorn in waiting and fresh investment has created pressure to grow your team. This is an incredibly important time for any new business – hiring is just one of the challenges, never mind the culture development, employer brand design and all the admin behind hiring processes and onboarding.

Our Embedded solution provides you with end-to-end hiring services while you grow, ensuring you gain momentum and build for future success.

Problem solving

Perhaps hiring great candidates isn’t the only issue – maybe you would like to explore ways to create a more inclusive, diverse environment or perhaps you are expanding internationally? It could be that your employer brand just isn’t telling the right story or your onboarding process isn’t converting in the way that it should.

Whatever your goals are, we’ll get closer to your business and create meaningful strategies that solve your problems and help you achieve your objectives.

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Whatever you need, whenever you need it

We operate as an extension of your people and culture team, taking care of five key areas so you can focus employee engagement, learning and performance and retention strategies.

We can take on as much or as little as you need – you choose! The service is scalable and our aim is to help you become sustainable long term by equipping you with the tools and resources needed to make hiring easy and fruitful.

  • We’ll deploy specialists with the right expertise at the right time to hire the skills you need for BAU roles and projects. They’ll bring the tools, resources, networks and market expertise needed to unearth the people you’re looking for, becoming your brand champions so that you never miss out on a candidate.

  • We’ll help you design, implement, manage and optimise recruitment processes that create an efficient and stress-free experience for all involved. Aligned with your brand and values, the candidate journey will be at the forefront of this service, ensuring you attract and retain experienced and diverse talent for your team.

  • Tech enablement is improving the hiring experience for all involved. Whether you need an ATS review, data optimisation, automated candidate management, better analytics or personalised marketing, we can select, deploy, administrate and manage it all for you.

  • You know what’s great about your company, but do your candidates? We can help you define your employer value proposition and spread the word. Our marketing team will showcase your brand by designing and managing powerful candidate attraction campaigns that are tailored to the types of people you want to bring into the fold.

  • Every step of the way, our core goal is to make life easier for your hiring managers, HR team and anybody else who gets roped into recruitment. To ensure you stand out from your competitors, candidate experience is at the forefront of our minds throughout the entire service, from initial outreach through to onboarding and beyond.

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Embedded Talent Acquisition
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