Campaign. It’s like recruitment, only better

Campaign Recruitment

Struggling to attract talent?

A campaign is ideal for attracting high-demand skills, building project teams, or when you’ve exhausted every text book recruitment avenue and need to try something different.

A targeted campaign will be designed around your existing employer value proposition, showcasing your brand and the job opportunity to the types of people you’re looking to hire. We’ll create bespoke content and get it in front of the right audiences across tried and tested platforms, paying special attention to DE&I and specialist skills attraction.

What is it for?
Rapid Growth

You’re growing teams of tech and digital talent for BAU roles and projects or you’re a scaleup looking for multiple hires and time is of the essence. You need a hiring partner who knows how to find and attract talent quickly.

Niche Skills

You’re in desperate need of RUST Developers in Outer Mongolia but you know a normal job advert won’t do it justice. You need an employer brand expert to tell a deeper, more compelling story.

Executive Search

You’re looking for game-changing leaders but don’t have the resources to track them down and showcase just how amazing the opportunity is. You need executive search expertise with a creative flair.

Targeted Initiatives

You’re looking to break down barriers and build teams of diverse talent from all walks of life but you need an employer brand expert to help you design an inclusive employer brand campaign and get in front of the right audiences.

Trusted by global brands

One package of work that covers everything you need to find and attract great talent

With our Campaign service, you get to choose what you need and we’ll create a package of work and a hiring roadmap that is designed to save you time, reduce cost and ultimately ensure you get the best talent for your team.

  • A dedicated team of sector and skills specialists, employer brand experts, talent strategists and compliance gurus will handle the entire campaign, ensuring an optimal hiring journey for your stakeholders and candidates.

  • We’ll be your brand ambassador, helping you engage with hard to find talent using audience segmentation, tech enabled campaigns and targeted messaging designed to propel your brand into a diverse candidate marketplace.

  • Our hiring campaigns come with a selection of commercial structures that give you the opportunity to choose what works best for you. We’ll provide clear financial planning for your hiring programme from the outset and help you improve ROI on your hiring strategy.

  • Led by clear SLAs and a defined approach, you know in advance what to expect every step of the way. You’ll have a structured candidate assessment and shortlist process, CV review and interview plans, and onboarding support, saving you time and admin effort.

  • By providing market analysis, candidate data, progress reports and campaign success details, we can help you understand the market, plan future hiring initiatives, drive continuous improvement, manage risk and improve financial planning.

  • Not sure what to do for your next hiring project? Need some guidance on legislation? Looking for help with your internal processes and recruitment tech? We provide consulting and guidance throughout our campaign partnership on all areas of staffing, and can help you achieve your objectives with our wide range of strategic services.

When all else fails, put campaigns to the test

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