Germany’s in demand tech skills

Posted September 18, 2023

Germany’s tech industry is booming and there are lots of exciting opportunities in the market. This puts the power in the hands of candidates like never before. Work from home, work from anywhere, pick your own hours….unlimited holidays anyone? We’re seeing lots of clients really pushing the boundaries of talent attraction to secure Europe’s best and brightest, but which skills are going to be most in demand in 2023? Here’s my take – let me know in the comments if you think I’ve missed any.

 1)    AI

This year’s rise of software like Midjourney and ChatGTP highlighted the rapid quality increase in AI-technology. OpenAI’s chatbot crossed 1M users in less than a week!

For reference: it took Facebook 10 months to hit that number. We’re experiencing the benefits of AI at Talent and how it’s impacting the recruitment sector more widely but it’s not always for the better. Matching human creativity and AI-software can certainly help the client experience but it needs strategic planning and the right talent to architect its implementation.

 2)   Data Visualisation

Working with data will become increasingly important and not just for the analysts as it is predicted that 70% of all employees will use data heavily in their job by 2025. Data Science was one of the most in demand tech disciplines in 2022 and we expect to continue to see demand in this area increase throughout 2023. However, as more brands commit to becoming more data led, Data Visualisation is becoming one of the most in demand skills requested by our clients. Collecting data is one thing but interpreting it to tell a compelling story is another.

3)   Cyber Security skills

In 2021, Germany adopted the Cyber Security Strategy whose goals include establishing cyber security as a joint task of the state, business, science, and society. The sector continues to attract strong government support in terms of funding, grants, and visa preferences for migrating talent. Experienced Consultants in this field can expect to earn upwards of 100,000 Euros which is an increase of 15% on average salaries last year.

4)   UX & UI Design

Since the election of the new coalition government in Germany in late 2021, digitalization projects for healthcare and schools have been an important goal for the government. Just the healthcare sector alone will benefit massively from digital upgrades such as electronic patient files. Skills in UX and UI will be crucial to provide users with a smooth and intuitive experience when that happens. We currently have a large number of roles in this space available so feel free to get in touch or connect if you are looking for new opportunities.

If the past few years has taught us anything it’s that, nobody is able to predict with absolute certainty what will happen within the German tech world in 2023, but I think that it would be a surprise if these skills don’t have major impact on talent sourcing this year.

Again, if you think I’ve missed any skills that will be hot next year, feel free to add those in the comments below.