Attract more diverse talent
with a process focused on inclusion

A service to help you widen the net without lowering the bar.

We have been helping organisations harness the power of diversity for over a decade.

Creating more inclusive workplaces, implementing more equitable hiring processes and increasing representation with the technology sector sits at the very heart of what we do at Talent. We are ourselves a diverse team of specialist recruitment consultants on our own DEI journey but keen to share our learnings and expertise with our clients.

Over the years we have helped clients across sectors rethink their approach to recruitment in order to open themselves up to new talent pools and offer this talent a safe space to thrive and succeed.

Download our Inclusive Hiring Guide.

Looking for practical ways that you can widen the net without lowering the bar? Interested in how we do it? Download our free inclusive hiring guide which outlines the steps that we take and provides and advice and guidance on how you can implement more inclusive hiring.


A focus on Neurodiversity with Do-IT Profiler.

It is estimated that around 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent it’s a reality that can prove to be a significant barrier for candidates entering a recruitment process. To assist both candidates and clients we have teamed up with the amazing team at Do-IT Profiler to provide support and guidance to ensure your talent attraction strategy and process is as inclusive and equitable as it can be.


Understanding our ‘why’

DEI&B has catapulted itself to the top of corporate consciousness in recent years and has become ‘big business’ but a strategy without authenticity is a recipe for disaster. We think it’s important to highlight upfront why we are so invested in this topic.

It is also why we will only partner with organisations who share our values and can offer candidates an environment where they can realise their potential as their authentic selves.


Lisa Bartlett, Programme Leader, Europe

Lisa Bartlett leads our team of European based recruitment consultants. Lisa has fought through the stigma of women in leadership and become a champion of women’s health in the workplace. In 2021, Lisa founded the DEI Roundtable, a community of over 100 senior HR leaders who meet 4 times a year to share learnings and lived experience to help advance inclusivity within the tech landscape.

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James Davies, Programme Leader, UK

After being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia from the age of nine (and ADHD later down the line), it’s safe to say James has had to overcome his fair share of barriers and stigma. He now leads our team of UK based recruitment consultants and is proud to be neurodiverse. James is further proof that there really are no limits to achieving success both in and out of the workplace.

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Tackling youth unemployment

According to the latest government data, youth unemployment levels are on the rise with an additional 62,000 young people registered as unemployed in the last 3 months. At Talent, we’re using our position as a leading staffing agency to help break-down employment barriers for some of the most vulnerable young people. For a lot of young people a job is more than a salary – it’s shelter, it’s friendship, it’s a sense of purpose and hope for a better future.