In need of some extra help for your project? We can supercharge your team when you need it most.

Navigating the intricacies of hiring and terminating employees in Germany can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be – thanks to Labour Leasing.

German compliance made easy

At times, you may come across a project that requires some extra hires. Permanently employing and then terminating employees tends to be difficult as terminations are well protected under the Dismissal Protection Act.

As an EOR company with an AUG license, we can lend our expert tech & digital skills to plug the resource gap and ensure your temporary workers are fully compliant, well cared for and ready to hit the ground running.

Explore labour leasing.
Maximum Flexibility

covering production needs and business requirements without legal complications

Cost Saving

reducing hiring costs without compromising on skills

Stress Free Hiring

focus on the project and leave the hiring hassle to us

Get To Know Our Talent

utilize our candidate network and their skills without establishing a traditional staffing model.

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