Finding & Attracting Top MS Dynamics Talent

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    D365 Finance and Operations AX

Microsoft Dynamics talent attraction

Encore is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner with a core focus in ERP, CRM, Power Platform & Azure.

Following two decades of success in Canada, the company set out to scale in the US and opened an office in Seattle. Compared to their presence in Canada, Encore’s presence in the US employer market was fairly small, so they needed a recruitment partner to help them source, attract and retain exceptional talent for business critical roles within their Dynamics consultancy teams.

Since May 2021, we have helped Encore build a team of Dynamics experts across North America for projects within supply chain and financial services and continue to support their strategic growth strategy over the coming years.

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Reducing the time to hire from 2 months to 3 weeks

Loosing out on the talent you need can have a major knock-on affect that impacts everything from project delivery to ROI. This was starting to become the case for Encore whose average hiring timeline was 1-2 months. In a candidate short and highly competitive market, this was resulting in missed talent. This kind of thing can also cause some reputational damage in the candidate market – but we ensured this wasn’t to be the case for Encore.

A dedicated account manager was assigned who had a 7 year history helping Microsoft Gold Partners find, attract and retain talent for major projects.

With their knowledge of this niche candidate market, they quickly mapped out the who’s who of the industry through detailed competitor analysis, their own well-established network and regular engagement in the community through sources like the NAV User Group and membership with the IAMCP.

We’d spent some time analysing Encore’s challenges and used market mapping data to uncover some key focuses that would help them attract the talent they needed.

One of the contributing factors to the difficulty in finding candidates was that Encore’s total compensation offerings were very good, but candidates had trouble realizing how large the bonus scheme played into their total compensation.

One approach we took was to showcase the company’s bonus schemes during the candidate qualification stage. We were able to present an attractive proposition that exceeds industry standards, which in turn helped us attract strong candidates who we knew would be dedicated to helping Encore become a success in the US.

  • Hiring process design

    We reviewed their current process which showed that there was too much time in-between interviews and a lot of decision makers involved in the process. This inevitably led to lengthy hiring processes which often resulted in candidates being snatched up by competitors before Encore could hire them. We designed a process that incorporated a maximum of three interviews, all timed concisely, reducing the time to hire to three weeks.

  • Enhanced assessment & screening

    We then reviewed our own qualification process and incorporated additional screening so that the client were confident that by the time they came to interview, the candidate was technically strong and would be a good team fit.

  • New candidate feedback process

    To support Encore’s and our own continuous improvement strategy, we gained feedback from candidates on their experience of the hiring process and continued the feedback loop throughout their first few months in the role. This helped make improvements to Encore’s onboarding process and design a seamless recruitment experience that would retain candidates and ensure they were feeling confident and excited in their new role.