Recruiting over 100 contractors in under 2 years with Sage

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Making a managed services agreement count

Sage is a global software powerhouse, providing payroll and payment system solutions to businesses of all sizes. Finding local tech talent was critical, but operating from Newcastle upon Tyne posed unique hurdles as tech and digital skills are scarce in the region and competition for talent in the North-East is fierce.

We seamlessly integrated as an extension of their talent team, providing talent sourcing and attraction services, payroll solutions and end-to-end contractor care. Our service grew organically to meet Sage’s needs, including expert guidance and process design for new IR35 legislation. This case study outlines our pivotal role in Sage’s recruitment success.

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Value add services tailored to Sage’s unique needs

The Sage partnership includes additional services that complement the core solution offering, designed to make the hiring process more efficient, improve the candidate experience and ensure compliance requirements are met at all times.

These services include:

  • Screening and vetting
  • Interview management
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Governance and legal support
  • Training and knowledge share
  • Brand and EVP support
  • Cost savings

    For contract resource, we developed a cost reduction schedule that incrementally reduces fees as the volume of hires increases. Cost reduction isn’t just about money saving – it’s also about planning ahead. We assist Sage in strategic workforce planning and capacity management, looking for ways to optimise resource utilisation. This reduces hiring expenses, boosts retention, and enhances project resource management.

  • Service reviews

    We maintain a close partnership with Sage through regular service reviews which fosters stronger collaboration and knowledge exchange, and gives us the opportunity to address challenges, fine-tune our operations and flesh out ideas for innovation together.

  • IR35 support

    We served as a trusted advisor for their questions and concerns and collaborated with them to devise various options for IR35 determinations management. With our assistance, Sage created a seamlessly integrated process aligning with Talent's contract management and payroll service for all their contractors.

How we helped Sage implement & scale a new payroll solution

Sage needed a payroll solution that would save a large degree of administrative time for their busy team and reduce compliance risk. We designed a payroll and onboarding solution that would provide a seamless experience for hiring stakeholders, candidates and our team throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Sage have been so happy with the service, they asked us to scale it globally. We’re always up for a new challenge so we have kicked off a project to trial this global service with Sage, with a view to rolling-out the new service for other clients in the near future.


  • We started by doing some discovery work to understand Sage’s processes, systems and challenges.

  • Our compliance experts partnered with their procurement team to develop a robust and compliant onboarding and payroll service.

  • An analysis of the best interface for payroll was undertaken. We settled on Evertime which perfectly blends the human element with time saving automation.

  • The service was implemented, and we handled communications to ensure a smooth transition for contractors during the change.

  • The service is managed by our in-house accounts and compliance team who work together to keep all contractors compliant and happy!

Need help with payrolling contract hires?

Talent Payroll takes care of the administrative burden of hiring contract and interim staff while offering a full onboarding service that keeps your new hires compliant, happy and prepared to hit the ground running.