Hiring for business-critical roles that have the perfect blend of both technical and business expertise.

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Technical and business savvy experts

Premier Vet Alliance needed a recruitment partner who could help them hire for business-critical roles that required a strong blend of technical and business expertise.

Two of the senior roles needed somebody who had a background in software development which presented the first challenge – the typical trajectory of developers tends to progress into more technical careers than business and management. Each role was perfect for somebody who had dipped their toe into coding waters but had decided they wanted to pursue a more business focused role. This would ensure they had a strong understand of how coding and technical functions fitted into the overall business operations. This kind of talent was proving hard to find.

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  • Business Analysts

Being a consultative partner is vital to the success of any recruitment campaign.

Because the roles were so business oriented, there were multiple departments across the company who had stakes in this person being right for the job. This meant that different stakeholders across the business had their own unique requirements and challenges, all just as important as the each other.

To ensure we met everybody’s needs (and aligned with business strategy and processes), we took a consultative approach, led by an account manager with a background working on multi-departmental accounts. This allowed us to address some individual and collective challenges through value add services, targeted talent attraction and enhanced screening.

Post pandemic planning…

With the changes in how we work taking effect post-Covid, Premier Vet Alliance – like many businesses – are reviewing and planning better remote working strategies for their staff. As part of this process, they have been reviewing their policies and asked us to support by providing some market data.

By collaborating with our wider business, seeking advice from experienced operational and legal staff, and gaining information from other clients going through a similar process, we put together a small report that helps Premier Vet Alliance understand how the market is approaching policy design and remote working strategy. This has helped them plan effectively for a new way of working that benefits the company and their employees.

  • Job spec review

    To ensure all stakeholders got the skills they needed, we undertook a job spec review and updated to meet all needs while creating an attractive proposition to candidates.

  • Headhunting

    We took a pro-active approach to unearthing the talent Premier Vet Alliance needed by targeting candidates not actively on the market.

  • DE&I support

    Premier Vet Alliance have a desire to put inclusivity and equity at the heart of candidate engagement, something we are well equipped to support with. We have worked in partnership with them to incorporate new practices that would quickly reduce bias and ensure a fair recruitment process for all. This included the removal of names, dates, gender/race information and any other data that could allude to typically biased characteristics from all candidate related information sources.

  • Enhanced screening

    Finding the talent is just the first step - what really helped Premier Vet Alliance was our full screening process which greatly reduced their administration time and produced a quality shortlist of experienced candidates who were committed to the recruitment process. By delving into the candidate’s expertise and knowledge across the technical and operational remits of the roles, plus their motivations to move and long-term goals, we were able to provide a high-quality shortlist of people who were perfect for the role and excited to work for Premier Vet Alliance.

Need technical experts?

Looking for permanent talent with the right blend of technical expertise and business savvy? We’ve got you covered.