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Hard to source talent for consulting projects

HiveMind is a UK based consulting firm that manages tech and digital programmes for global organisations across all industries. They have helped their clients transform tech operations, implement digital strategies, build new products and services, become more agile and supported scaling start-ups with growth and innovation strategy.

From bringing paper-based processes and systems into the 21st century through to voice activated AI robotics for medical labs, HiveMind have no shortage of interesting (and often niche) projects to work on. But these projects come with the need for very specific skills that are often quite hard to find.

Finding consulting talent fast

When a consultancy wins a new project, it is vital to get the right SMEs in place to design and deliver complex solutions, while ensuring the team achieve milestone objectives on time and within budget. Finding this expert talent in a highly competitive market full of tech consultancies battling to stand out in the candidate community is a big challenge and can be incredibly time consuming.

By reducing the recruitment process from 3-4 weeks to a 5 day average and taking care of onboarding new talent quickly, Hivemind have been able to get to work on their client projects much faster than usual. For most of the roles we’ve been asked to hire for, we’ve submitted CVs within 48 hours of briefing.

  • Understanding the end-client

    The candidates we recruit are skilled consultants who represent HiveMind, but ultimately it is the end client they are working for. It’s their project on the line, their systems being working on, their culture they need to align with. Because we don’t have direct contact with the end-client, we have to really step into their shoes and use our experience in recruiting for similar projects and companies to understand their challenges, systems, tech stack, architecture and environment so that we can source the best talent for their programmes.

  • Interview management

    We take care of the 1st stage interviews which means fewer CVs for HiveMind to review, saving them significant time and administration. Over time, we have built enough trust that HiveMind often put our candidates straight through to final interview with the end-client, reducing the number of interviews from 4 to 1.

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