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Quality driven software engineers from all walks of life

Spektrix is a SaaS company that provides CRM software which handles ticketing, marketing and fundraising within the arts and culture industry. The main challenge Spektrix faces is finding skilled engineers with a strong background in SaaS, an understanding of TDD, and, for the more senior roles, an exposure to architecture.

Another thing that is important to Spektrix is the quality of their products. New talent need to embrace their open and collaborative culture, while putting high calibre coding at the forefront of their world. They also pay great attention to championing diversity amongst their team.

New software engineering roles are signed off quarterly and to keep up with growing demand for their services, Spektrix needed a partner who could source and attract difficult to find software engineers, from diverse backgrounds, who would thrive in their unique environment and align with their quality driven ethos – fast.

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  • .Net, PowerShell & TDD
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Talent pipeline

Being immersed in the SaaS world and building talent communities across a broad spectrum of experiences and programming languages, has been the root of our success with candidate engagement and fast hiring. By really delving into the tech and environment, we understand our candidates better and what is likely to attract them to new role. This means we can consistently create compelling campaigns and get them in front of the right audiences, which builds a pipeline of talent that results in hiring people faster than average.

For Spektrix, we use all the tools in our kit to ensure no stone is left unturned and that we actively create diverse shortlists for each role.


Being a brand ambassador for Spektrix is easy – they have a great work ethos. But we had to push a bit further to represent them in communities of talent that are typically under-represented in the industry.

To support this we have provided consultation, training and documentation to Spektrix on how to overcome some of their DE&I challenges. The Account Manager for Spektrix has been a core member of our DE&I change team and is a strong advocate for Spektrix’s mission.

  • Skills pipeline

    Building a diverse pipeline of talent with the right skills for Spektrix

  • Talent community

    Local and national community links focused on representation in tech and digital

  • Market insights

    Competitor analysis and strategic talent mapping to support our targeted approach

  • Targeted campaigns & barrier free advertising

    Creating specific routes for typically under-represented candidates to engage

  • Getting out & about

    Events, meet-ups, roundtables, workshops - they all help us understand, learn and get to know candidates better