Optimising Talent Acquisition for Civica


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Tech talent and process design

Civica is an international leader in public sector software services. As with most companies operating in the IT and digital sector, they face significant challenges when it comes talent acquisition. They had been experiencing difficulties finding suitable candidates efficiently. Their Chief Engineer identified this as a major concern, as the recruitment process was consuming valuable time and resources.

The objective was to streamline the hiring process, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of candidates selected so we teamed up with them as an Embedded partner to create hiring efficiencies and source talent by collaborating and adopting a more data-driven approach.

This service ensured Civica successfully overcame its challenges in hiring technical professionals. The company not only reduced recruitment costs but also improved the quality of candidates entering their workforce.



Embedding decades worth of experience into Civica’s talent acquisition journey

To make meaningful changes that would achieve Civica’s goals to hire tope tier tech talent while reducing administrative time, we put a small team together to take care of process design, technical sourcing and strategic planning. This was all wrapped up into one service with a fixed fee, which meant the recruitment budget was planned in advanced and ultimately saved on hiring costs.

  • Time saving

    By reducing the number of interviews and improving candidate matching, Civica saved both time and money.

  • Quality of candidates

    The company noted an improvement in the quality of candidates brought forward for interviews, resulting in better hiring decisions.

  • Knowledge share

    The partnership approach enabled Civica to tap into external expertise and gain valuable market insights.

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